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Making a Difference


Building Brighter Dreams is a non-profit organization that provides an outdoor experience for kids that are disabled or who have battled a life threatening illness between the ages of 12-25.

Building Brighter Dreams is dedicated to promote and enhance the spiritual, physical and mental well-being of youth and adolescents with special needs, and their families, through shared outdoor experiences.

Building Brighter Dreams (BBD) is focused on making multiple kids' dream a reality through the experience that we can offer them. We are located in southern Iowa and have several thousand acres that we intensively manage for our guests and our friends and family to enjoy. Our lodge is located on top of a bluff that over looks a couple thousand acres of beautiful countryside. We offer different outdoor experiences throughout the year which include archery deer and turkey hunts, shed hunts, and fishing trips.

While Building Brighter Dreams is dedicated to giving our guests the best experience as possible, we also are focused on sharing the knowledge and experience we have with managing our land for conservation and wildlife with others. Our founder, Tyler Bass, is a wildlife biologist that works with private landowners on a daily basis to try and help them improve their land for certain wildlife species. He spends a lot of time presenting all over the Midwest on different ways to manage for whitetails, turkey, upland game birds, grassland birds, and waterfowl. The neat thing that brings all of Tyler's work as a biologist, landowner and founder of BBD together is the fact that with all the management he does on his own farms, it only creates a better experience for our guests when they come to our lodge for several days to hunt or fish. So keep your eyes open on this page because Tyler will continuously be posting wildlife pictures and tips on managing your own land. Tyler will also be posting when he will be doing wildlife management talks throughout the year for the public so stay tuned!


Our Roots


Building Brighter Dreams (BBD) truly enjoys meeting new people and sharing where we are going with our organization. The roots behind BBD are in the story of our Executive Director, Tyler Bass. At a young age, Tyler faced a scare with his own health and never forgot the emotions that he dealt with during that struggle. From that experience, he pursued his dream of forming an organization to take kids and families into the outdoors who were dealing with some of the same health scares he had faced. Tyler felt like the outdoors and new friends would provide these families with an amazing escape from the reality they deal with every day. Not to mention, he felt like this was a great way to give back and also share the things he and the other members of BBD truly love in life, hunting and enjoying the outdoors.


Moving Forward


Interest and support for BBD has grown quickly and through the process we have met some amazing people. The Building Brighter Dreams promotional video has gotten a huge amount of interest and people are wanting to help play a big part in our mission. They have full confidence in what we are doing and I can promise that if you help us out and become a donor, you will be standing behind what we feel is a new and very passionate perspective on who we are and why we love connecting with the outdoors.


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