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Board of Directors

Tyler Bass - Executive Director

Greg Bass - President

Justin Huebner - Vice President

Jim McIntire - Secretary

Emily Bass - Treasurer

Chad Bass

Ben Downing

Nick Morrell

Charlie Lenze

Rocky Scovel

Jamie Schirm

Evan Kuhns


Tyler Bass

Dreams are something most people think will never happen. For me, I am living out everything I have ever wanted in life. I feel so blessed to have a wonderful family and to say I have grown up on a farm and lived the country life. The outdoors have been something that I have always loved and my passion for trying to understand creation is something I have spent numerous amounts of hours pursuing. My love of wildlife management is something that I have been playing with since I was a young boy. Now, I finally get to share all the sweat and tears that I have left in the outdoors with people who are dealing with things that I feel Mother Nature can help cure.

Being able to guide families on our managed property and share with them things I have endured throughout my life so far feels so rewarding. It is that moment in time when we are together with the kids and their families around the lodge or hunting and you see that spark in the child’s eyes appear, that is what I live for and hope to accomplish with each guest we have. For me, hunting is just a way for me to share my passion with the kids and do something we love. It is that spark that drives me to want to be my best and help these families through difficult times by helping them build their own dreams. Don’t get me wrong, I still really want them to harvest that deer or turkey or find a huge shed!!

Greg Bass

My name is Greg Bass and I am the President of Building Brighter Dreams. I live near Winterset, Iowa, where my wife Vickie & I have lived all of our lives. We have four grown kids Chad, Tyler, McKenzee & Ericka. In addition to our kids, we have six grandchildren. I grew up loving everything outdoors, whether it be hunting, fishing, camping or just being on the farm. This love has carried through our kids and in many ways become family tradition. I've farmed with my father since I was a young boy and continue farming today. For my day job, I work for the Madison County Secondary Road Department as a heavy machine operator.

When Tyler came to me and told me of his dream to help young disabled and terminally ill children, I was so proud. He wanted them to have the opportunity to enjoy the things he has been fortunate to enjoy and do. What a great experience for all, knowing you're doing something that will pull them away from their daily struggles & being able to share a love of the outdoors. I feel so blessed to be working with some very special people doing great things for this organization. We are and will be Building Brighter Dreams for special young children and their families.

My name is Justin Huebner (Hueby) and I'm the Vice President for Building Brighter Dreams. I can't describe how excited I am to be working with BBD. Tyler and I had numerous conversations about taking disabled and terminally ill kids long before BBD became a reality, so when Tyler approached me about being on the Board of Directors for his newly created organization I couldn't wait to get started. It never gets old watching a kid work so hard at pursuing an animal and watching that dedication and determination pay off. I know how extremely blessed I am to be able to hunt and enjoy God's creation with others, and nothing beats sharing it with others, especially kids that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity.

Justin Huebner

I grew up in rural southern Iowa chasing deer, turkeys, and anything with fur. From as far back as I can remember I have had a bow in my hand whether it was hunting or competitive shooting. When I heard about Building Brighter Dreams, I couldn’t wait to help out. I thought it was a great idea to help get kids out of their normal routine and into the outdoors. It is a great opportunity for me to give someone the opportunities I too often take for granted.

Ben Downing

Hey, my name is Jake Myrtue and I was born and raised in small town Iowa. Hunting is a big part of our community and a huge part of me. The harvesting of an animal has very little to do with why hunting is so important. It is hunting with friends, family, and introducing new people to the outdoors. It’s about a sunrise, a sunset, a cool foggy spring morning, watching the outdoors come alive, and watching the seasons change. That's what hunting means to me. Everything. Building Brighter Dreams is another way to give back but also learn from the individuals we get the honor to meet and take hunting.

Jacob Myrtue

My name is Evan Kuhns and I was born and raised in Madison County. My love of the outdoors is a huge part of who I am. Working with BBD is an amazing opportunity to share that love of the outdoors with kids that may not ever get that chance without BBD. To see a kids face light up not only when they harvest an animal but just being in the outdoors keeps this organization going strong and brings joy to everyone involved.

Evan Kuhns

I am from southwestern Dallas County where I grew up chasing anything with fur, fins or feathers. The outdoors have always been a big part of my life. When I am not hunting or fishing, you will usually find me at a dirt track racing my car. I have enjoyed racing different models of cars for the past 14 years around the Midwest.


I first found out about BBD through a friend of mine. After meeting with the folks in the organization a few times I was hooked. I am truly grateful to be able to be a part of the BBD crew. It is extremely rewarding to me seeing the smiles on the faces of the kids we take out each time.

Jamie Schirm

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